Brian Orosco

Brian Orosco

Name :

Brian “Mu’ Fukin” Orosco

Age :


Home City & Country :

San Francisco, CA

Current location :

Your mom’s house…. or LA… whichever

Favorite Trick/move :

Stalled Sideflip, I guess?

Favorite Video :

Goats Yelling Like Humans – Super Cut Compilation:

Favorite Movie :

The Hunger Games (Bad Lip Reading):

Favorite Food :

Cheese… all of the cheese

Secret Hobby :

I don’t have any secret hobbies. I make all of my weird and embarrassing hobbies way too public. But if I had to pick one, I’d say constantly misplacing my pants.

Favorite Quote :

W”I am now on a 3-4 poop per day regimen. You should all be lucky my free corporate blackberry doesn’t have a camera.” -Gessel